Ratna Bhusana dasa building LA's next-generation Rathayatra chariots

Building the next-generation all-aluminum transportable
full-size traveling Rathayatra chariots at a top secret
construction site near Los Angeles.

The design challenge is how to fit 3 full-size Rathayatra
carts each 26 feet long, 16 feet wide and 35 feet tall,
into one 53 foot semi-trailer with a back door opening
only 8 feet wide by 9 feet high.

The initial concept and design team, made up of Mayesvara
dasa, Ratna Bhusana dasa, Mahamantra dasa and Bhagavata
Akincana dasa, began working out the details in 2007 and
had a working model on display at the 2007 LA Rathayatra.
Then they got serious and with technical help from Gaura
Nitai dasa the actual production drawings began to be
produced in early 2008.

In February 2008 Ratna Bhusana purchased a $4,000 aluminum
welder and began to practice with it (not the same as welding
steel Rathayatra carts which he has made before). Then in March
2008 Ratna Bhusana bought a truck load of aluminum and the rest
is history in the making. He feels confident that the first cart
can be finished and ready for LA's 2008 Rathayatra on August 3rd.